Incidin™ Pro

Liquid concentrate suitable for cleaning and disinfection of medical devices and all kind of surfaces in healthcare settings.

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Product Details


  • Broad spectrum efficacy with short contact times - effective against bacteria, yeast and various viruses (including norovirus)
  • Suitable for high risk areas and a wide range of surfaces, from general wards and public areas to operating rooms and intensive care units
  • Excellent cleaning efficacy and material compatibility - extensively tested on all surface types commonly found in the healthcare settings – from metals, linoleum and PVCs to ceramics, rubbers and plastics – with excellent results
  • EN standards compliant – tests conducted to healthcare relevant EN standards confirmed the broad efficacy spectrum.
  • Aldehyde-free formulation without perfume and dye for convenient and safe product use
Product Size Part Number

Incidin™ Pro

3x 2l


Incidin™ Pro

1x 6l