Our Innovation is the Product of Chemistry, Digital Technology and Service to Deliver Exponential Customer Value

Our team of 1,200 scientists, engineers and technical specialists create best-in-class solutions that are responsibly sourced and developed with close attention to human and environmental impact. With our expertise in core technologies, including digital solutions, antimicrobials, dispensing and monitoring, personal and environmental hygiene, polymers, surfactants, solid chemistry, water management and data analytics, we help improve operational efficiency, product quality and safety for our customers.

As we develop new products, we pay close attention to sustainability, focusing on ingredient responsibility, human health and environmental impact over the product life cycle. Our commitment is to meet today’s challenges — and to develop new solutions that will keep our customers at the forefront.

Ecolab Expertise

Research, Development and Engineering

To fulfill our commitment to innovation, we have a global team of experts and technical specialists in a range of fields including chemistry, metallurgy, microbiology, entomology, chemical engineering, packaging, mechanical engineering, digital/software development, and electrical engineering.

Scientists gathered around an experiment
Industry Expertise

Ecolab experts help develop solutions for safety and success across all of our businesses, reaching customers worldwide. They speak at global conferences, sharing and learning best-practices with other leaders in their fields, spurring innovation and collaboration that helps make the world cleaner, safer and healthier.

Our Innovations Deliver Results

From packaging and ingredient chemistries to advanced analytics and digital technology, we never stop thinking of ways to support our customers around the world as they work to make their own operations more profitable, efficient and sustainable.


SMARTPOWER is a new warewashing program that combines innovative chemistry and advanced cloud computing to help restaurants reduce rewash by 60 percent, saving water, energy and labor costs.

Scrub Free Bathroom Cleaner and Disinfecting System

The Scrub Free bathroom cleaning system, with advanced chemistry and an ergonomically designed foam sprayer, makes cleaning easier, faster and safer.  

OMNI™ Heat Exchanger Performance Program

The generating capacity (megawatts) and efficiency (heat rate) of power plants are largely determined by the performance of the surface condenser, a key component in the cooling water system. 

The Science of Impact

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Scientists, Engineers and Technical Specialists


Manufacturing Facilities


Global Technology Centers