Nalco Water Early Warning Chatter Detection

Nalco Water Early Warning Chatter Detection, or EWCD Technology, is designed to deliver consistent product quality, improved machine efficiency and extended asset availability. The EWCD system provides real-time information on the vibration behavior of the creping blade. The system consists of on machine sensors, a monitoring box performing data acquisition, signal monitoring and conditioning functions, and a computer running vibration analysis software, customized for the creping application.
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More Information

Early Warning Chatter Detection (EWCD) Technology Delivers:
• Protection of the Yankee dryer surface by providing early warning of impending chatter.
• Real time monitoring and alarming of potentially harmful crepe blade vibrations.
• Customized data processing, alarming, historical trending and display software designed specifically for the creping application, with an intuitive, user-friendly operator interface.
• Insight to Yankee coating stability on the dryer and troubleshooting tool for coating application and creping problems.